Been There! Done That!

even-smaller-bug-light117 The woman asked Peter, “You’re not one of that man’s disciples, are you?” “No,” he said, “I am not.” -John 18:17 NLT

John 18:15-18 NLT

When Jesus was arrested in the garden, all the disciples fled, However, two of them came back at some point on the journey from the Garden to the priest’s house. One of them we are sure is Simon Peter, The other follower is assumed to be John because, in the book of John, John does not normally refer to himself by name, but with a brief description such as “the disciple that Jesus loved”. John went inside the house with Jesus, but Peter stayed outside near the door. John shows us that Jesus has taught him to care about others since he went into the house with Jesus, seemingly not caring if the others knew he was a follower of Jesus. Then he comes back out to have Peter brought inside. A nice gesture on a cold night. But when the girl goes to bring Peter inside, she recognizes Peter and she asks him if he isn’t also one of the followers of Jesus. Peter answers that he is not. Peter makes his first denial of the evening. Now he will have to keep lying about his relationship with Jesus. As we know, one lie always leads to another and it gets easier each time we tell it. Peter failed Jesus with words, how many times have we done that? And just as hypocritical, how many times have we betrayed Jesus with our silence? How many times have we grieved God the Holy Spirit with our refusal to allow Him to lead us? Everyday, with our actions or lack of actions and our words or our lack of words, we deny God the Father and grieve God the Holy Spirit.

“The Gospel has come to you because it’s on its way to someone else.” -Anonymous

Post 11-30-2017

4 thoughts on “Been There! Done That!

  1. Lord Jesus, forgive me!


  2. I worry that I do not speak enough to my kids and grandkids. I can preach to a church full of people, but try not to alienate my children and grandchildren who have not given the lives and hearts to God. I do send them cards that remind them to trust in God, I just fail to speak truth to them. I need to work on that like I work on my blog. Any suggestions?


  3. I pray that that is a common concern for all of us grandparents. This blog actually started as an email that I send daily to my kids and grand-kids. Jesus had little respect from His family but because of the way He lived His life family members became believers after the Resurrection. We know this because His brother James became one of the leaders of the church. The best testimony to family and friends is a consistent Holy lifestyle. Marinate them with prayers everyday. We are the righteousness of Jesus and the fervent prayers of a righteous person never ever goes unheard or unanswered. Have a blessed day, my friends.


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