We Should Keep Ourselves Pure

God is waiting to show you the way.

God is waiting to show you the way.

Read 2 Timothy 5: 6-25. (We will focus on vv 21-25)
21 I solemnly command you in the presence of God and Christ Jesus and the highest angels to obey these instructions without taking sides or showing favoritism to anyone. 22 Never be in a hurry about appointing a church leader. Do not share in the sins of others. Keep yourself pure. 23 Don’t drink only water. You ought to drink a little wine for the sake of your stomach because you are sick so often 24 Remember, the sins of some people are obvious, leading them to certain judgment. But there are others whose sins will not be revealed until later. 25 In the same way, the good deeds of some people are obvious. And the good deeds done in secret will someday come to light.—2 Timothy 5:21-25 (NLT)​
Paul has left Timothy in charge of the Church at Ephesus. He is writing these letters to encourage Timothy in how to deal with doctrinal errors and practical problems in the church there. He is also telling Timothy how to deal with pastoral responsibilities and the qualities that church leaders should have in their positions of responsibility. These instructions are just as pertinent and important today as they were when Paul wrote the letters. When working with others in any field, but particularly in God’s work, we need to pray for discernment in selecting and supporting the ones God has chosen.
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