Learning To Be “In Love” With Jesus

The English language is very limited when it comes to expressing the different types of love that exist.  We “love” everything, homes, cars, sports, etc.  We also “love” our spouses, our families, our friends, and, yes, we even love people we don’t know.  Yet, the depth of feeling and emotions is different for each of these categories.  So, how do we know which level of love we are expressing for each category.  Well, I use the term “love”  for everything, but spousal love, then I use the term “in love”.  To me, that means that I have made a choice to treat this person differently than any other person in the world. A spouse should not have to compete with anyone else for that kind of love.  To accomplish this depth of emotion and attachment to a person requires that I get to know that person better than I know any other person. The only way to get to know this person on that level is to spend time with them, learning about their likes and dislikes, their boundaries, everything about them.  I am not talking about time with that person and a roomful of other people.  I am talking about one-on-one, face to face time with no distractions.  I am talking about using all my ability to focus on this person and no one else.  That is the only way you will ever really get to know another person and that is the only way you will ever get to know Jesus.  Spend some time with Him, just you and Him, no distractions. Will you make a commitment to not just “love” Jesus, but learn to be “in love” with Him?

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